Grown Ass Boy

Yeah, I could eat.

game changer


Anthony hangs out with Murf Meyer for the first time.

They also drink a whole bottle of Scotch, split a six pack, and watch Rocky IV.

Give it a look! This is “Gettin’ to Know Murf.” 

Filmed and edited by Ian Stroud.

I am very proud of this. I love it a lot, give it a look! Stick around for the time lapse at the end!

it rains a lot

this time of year

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

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Here’s a deleted scene from “Gettin to Know Murf.” 

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Yo! I just threw a fat lip of the fuggin chew in my trap you guys. Come to Lloyd night tonight and Showtime on Saturday don’t be a butthole sandwich.


Hey Gang! Check out this video I made with the help of many talented people.  

Directed by: Anthony Apruzzese

Written by Clara Morris

Shot and Edited by: Ian Stroud

Starring: Emma Noble, Alex French, Nick Guercio, Sarah Burton, Alexis Pereira, Jon Marballi, Curtis Retherford, Brady O’Callahan, Becky Chicoine, and Elizabeth Noth

Also Featuring: Mark Dowling, Rudy Behrens, Timmy Wood, Hao Lian, Marika Zappas, and Sarah Rainone

I directed this video written by my favorite person, Clara Morris.

The bit with Brady and Becky destroys me.

Check out this big ass fucking fish with these two dudes who are certainly dead by now

Dan and I in a Nutshell


Helen Keller was a big ol socialist. did ya know?


no idea


yup. she was a member of the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World.

pretty cool.


woah. did she know what she was signing up for or did she think she was at like a play or something



This song just makes me laugh

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